This Is Why We Sing


by Tegan Balls

A cluster concert has been performed at Westlake every year, for over 7 years. The tradition of this concert is upheld by our very own Ms. Hatch.  We love it dearly and love the opportunities it gives. The choral concert includes choirs from middles schools that feed into Westlake and elementary choirs that feed into the middle schools. So many kids perform that we have to split up the concert into two nights. The biggest purpose for this concert is to allow young kids to see what they could get into–what they are capable of becoming and participating in.

A cluster concert is really quite entertaining. The elementary choirs are so excited to perform for the eager audience. The other choirs sit in their seats in the auditorium awaiting the captivating performance that is sure to come. The kids impatiently stand on the risers, waiting for the directors to start them doing what they love most: singing. The pianist starts and those kids sing their hearts out. After they finish both of their songs they get to feel like the most incredible and awe inspiring people. They get a standing ovation from the high school and middle school choirs. They relish the moment and feel like superstars. Definitely one of the highlights of the cluster concert.

After all the elementary concerts the high school choirs get up to sing. The whole night the kids have been looking at us. Commenting on the girls beautiful dresses, asking us a million and one questions, and deciding which boys look the best. The choir sings and get a standing ovation from the young kids. It’s great to see the music bring us all together.

But the best part is when we pack 200 kids onto the stage. All of them, from the 18 year olds to the 7 year olds, get to sing together. We have all practiced this song separately. The elementary choirs sing the first verse, middle schoolers the second, and high schoolers the third. Everyone sings together on the chorus. This song speaks to everyone who hears it or sings it. This song is “Why we Sing” it truly does describe why we sing. “Music builds a bridge, it can tear down a wall! Music is a language, that can speak to one and all.” (Why we Sing, Greg Gilpin) So “this is why we sing, why we lift our voice. Take my hand and sing, with me!”