Thrills in Traffic


by Stephen James

WESTLAKE HIGH SCHOOL— Traffic is a part of daily life. We sit in traffic before work. We sit in traffic after work. We sit in traffic waiting for fun things to begin. We sit in traffic wishing the fun things hadn’t ended. It’s a pretty normal part of the life we lead. But, sometimes it gets a little ridiculous.

Westlake High School definitely faces a few problems with traffic on the way to school, at the school, and away from the school. We’re used to it, it fuels our conversations and our complaints. It’s just how it is at Westlake.

But sometimes you can’t help but scratch your head and ask yourself; WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE THOSE CITY PLANNERS THINKING?

Out of Eagle Mountain we have SR-73 where you have to turn off here and merge there and go to way too much trouble to get to school or you have Pony Express. Oh Pony Express. The most hated road in the city. Every morning the traffic backs up for miles and doubles, even triples the commute. Sometimes you look at the double lanes turn to one right where the two are actually needed. You look at the useless light that sits on red all morning long. You sit in the traffic and you just wonder why.

Out of Saratoga we have fast and wide Redwood Road, seemingly perfect to avoid all traffic. Until you reach the single turn lane that is expected to be used by thousands of students. What were these city planners thinking? Why do they hate us?

It seems that just at the very instant that everything the road offers is required, they strip away all those qualities. You wait in traffic until you’re late to school, bump down a road that really shouldn’t be open, sit in the turn lane and wait your turn, and just slowly lose your sanity. (And let’s not even mention the cars that feel the need to turn out of their neighborhoods into the nonexistent space in front of your car.)

However, things may get better. In a recent City Council meeting a plan was accepted for all sorts of new construction, including expansion to Pony Express (possibly even to four lanes!) But let’s be honest, with Utah construction, only our kids will benefit from that.

Traffic is horrible. There’s no hiding that. But it’s a part of daily life, a part of our daily life. And would Westlake really be Westlake without it? I’m not so sure.