Better Than The Rep


by Stephen James

ALPINE SCHOOL DISTRICT— A quick trip around the Alpine School District can teach you a lot. With a whooping number of students reaching 79,000 there are many opinions and viewpoints. Several of those opinions can be found about our very own Westlake High School.

Westlake sort of gets a bad rep across the district. Kids see us as “the drug school” or “farm country” and they instantly write us off as a place they never want to visit. But is that what Westlake is all about?

No. Westlake is full of bright students excited to change the world around them. We see programs like Nobilis spreading across the school encouraging us to be better people. We look at our National Honor Society overflowing with members. We see all these different examples of Westlake Students doing good!

So is Westlake really as bad as the rep it gets? I don’t think so. Westlake may have its problems but what school doesn’t? I mean come on, at least our hallways don’t slant and the lockers aren’t ripped off of our walls. (@AF High School)

When you judge a school by the word on the street, you won’t get to know much about what it truly is. Westlake has a strong past and a bright future. We strive to live our motto of Lux et Virtus in all that we do.

We may have the smallest parking lot in the state and halls too full to move in, but Westlake isn’t all that bad. When we look deeper, when we look at the students, we can find one of the best schools in the Alpine School District.

So don’t trust the rumors you hear. Westlake is better than its rep.