What Exactly is Peer Pressure?


by Lexi Reading

Have you ever been peer pressured? The definition of peer pressure is “influence from members of one’s peer group”. Being pressured to do something is choosing to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do.

I recently had 100 people take a poll of whether or not they’ve been peer pressured. 94 out of the 100 people said they have been peer pressured before. That is 94% of students surveyed that have been peer pressured. Why are people so easily peer pressured?

Everyone wants to feel like they belong to a group, everyone does. Sometimes people just pick the wrong groups to associate with, they think that peer pressure won’t influence them. We all know the popular kids at our school, and we all at some point have wanted to be a part of their group because they are just so “cool”. What if we had to sacrifice our well being in order to be “cool”?

We all know and tease about the phrase “Do this and you’re cool”, we’ve all heard it before. 71% of teens have tried alcohol by the end of high school, and almost half of that is peer pressure into thinking it’s “cool”. Peer pressures can start small and then lead to bigger and more severe consequences.

Simple silly peer pressures often start out small like for instance, lying to your parents about where you were last night. But doing that can lead to sneaking around more and being dishonest and getting into more trouble, lets say smoking a cigarette. Then what happens when you get bored of just smoking cigarettes? You experiment with other substances that are harmful to your well being. Not saying that it happens all the time but it happens enough. Small things can lead to big things so make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive things.

Seek for positive influences and people who don’t bring you down to their level but who lift you up to what you can become.