Homecoming Doesn’t Matter – Here’s Why:


By Allison Rene’ S.

Ah, September. The month of beginnings, endings, and adjustment.

It’s the season of sophomores standing in the middle of the hallway during passing period in hopes that they’ll find their friends. It’s the season of juniors realizing that the choices they make now will affect their ever-approaching after-high-school future. It’s the season of seniors beginning college applications and narrowing down their choices. It’s the season of teachers trying to remember all of their students’ names. Everyone is adjusting to a new routine, a new scene, a new era of their life.

September is also the month of Homecoming. As the first dance of the school year approaches, one can practically feel the excitement and dread coming off of everyone in droves. It seems as though the only thing people are capable of talking about is Homecoming, whether it’s about their date or their lack-of a date.

I wish to address both sides of the coin by saying the following: Homecoming doesn’t matter.

Quite a controversial statement at first glance, correct? Before you go slandering my good name, hear me out.

What will you be doing in ten years? No, seriously, go on and think about it. Maybe you’ll be in college. Maybe you’ll be starting your career. Maybe you’ll have a family of your own. Maybe you’ll be in the military, or living in a different country, or possibly you’ll still be living with your parents. Whatever the case, Homecoming won’t be a part of your life then.

To those who are going to Homecoming: cherish the memories. Don’t start drama over something that’s supposed to be a great experience. Whether you’re going with a date or not, you have an opportunity to have fun and create stronger friendships.

I personally advise you to go in with little or no expectations. Of course, there are things you should expect. The people you go with should be kind and respectful. They shouldn’t force you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. Your expectation of your date (if you have one) should be that they’ll at least be decent for the night. Expectations that are a little far fetched would consist of: expecting them to bring you flowers, expecting yourself to look perfect the whole night, expecting your feet to not hurt, expecting the music to be amazing, and even expecting to arrive places at the time you planned. When expectations like these aren’t met, you’re going to be disappointed, and Hoco 2k18 will go down in the books as a “meh” or even a “terrible” day.

To those who are not going to Homecoming – because of your own choice or because you’re one of those poor souls to have to work – whatever the reason: THAT IS PERFECTLY OKAY.

Some people are going to tell you that it’s not okay to miss a school dance. They’re going to tell you “you have to support your school” and “you’ll cherish the memories forever” and “you’ll regret it if you don’t go.” And they’re probably lying right to your face. Sometimes, you don’t get asked to the dance, so you don’t go. Nobody’s forcing you to go by yourself. That can get really lonely and may just make you sad. If you don’t want to go by yourself or just with friends, you don’t have to go. It’s really that simple. Do something that day that makes you happy.

Maybe you did get asked by someone but you really don’t want to go with them: That’s okay too. Politely decline their request (you don’t have to explain why) and find something else to do that day. Their feelings may get hurt, yes, but I’m a firm believer in one’s power to say no. Don’t force yourself into something you don’t want to do. You’ll be a lot happier that way, trust me. You won’t be missing out on much. Remember? Homecoming won’t matter in the least in ten years. Memories are great, but they’re only that – memories. Live your high school career how you want to, and not how some rando wants you to live it. (They probably won’t even remember your name in ten years, and you definitely won’t remember theirs.)

So when those people who think they know it all tell you that you’re going to regret not going to Homecoming…tell them that when you’re running for President in 2k44, Homecoming is not going to be at the forefront of your mind. You’re going to be thinking about military, taxes, and international trade. When they tell you there’s so many memories you could make, tell them that the human mind often disposes of old memories, and as time goes by, we often don’t remember events correctly. Then go fulfill your dream of getting a PhD in psychology from Yale. Or, if that’s not your dream, don’t. Your choice.

There’s so much more to our lives beyond what happens here in high school. So go to Homecoming if you want to. Don’t go if you don’t want to. It’s up to you. There’s more important things out there. Remember that, lovelies.

Sincerely, your editor,

Allison Rene’ S.

(Vote for me in the 2k44 Presidential Election for a free magenta sweater with a pug and Benjamin Franklin’s face on it. I vow to eliminate all controversy surrounding the “water is wet” debate and I promise that I will tear down the border wall and replace it with a sparkly blue curtain. Thanks for your support – very much appreciated.)