Movie Review: I Feel Pretty


By Ashley Marble

Who are you?

The answers may come as a steady flow, an immediate rush, or an answer trickling in every few minutes. However long it takes for you to talk about yourself doesn’t matter, because even those who have a lot to say about themselves could be putting themselves down with every word. That’s how our innermost thoughts work.

“Look, Mom! I got a C on my Physics final! I passed!” you squeal and jump for joy in great excitement.

Stupid. Failure. You didn’t try hard enough. You weren’t good enough. You’re never good enough.

Yeah… We’ve all been there. Leon Brown once said, “You are your worst enemy. It is your negative thoughts that hold you back, nothing else.” How true is that? True enough that they made a movie about it. Thank goodness they did, too!


I Feel Pretty, starring Amy Shumer (Renee Barrett), is hilarious, thought-provoking, and empowering. A girl with low self-esteem has a wish to just be beautiful. She goes so far as to go to a fountain and throw a coin in. Nothing happens. Not right away, at least. As seen in the trailer, the girl falls off her exercise bike and hits her head. Ouch! When she wakes and sees herself in the mirror, she is beautiful. Here’s the catch. She didn’t change! Nope, not one bit. Well, she did get some bruises, but that’s beside the point.

Ladies and gentlemen, look in the mirror. Who are you? Cute, adorable, handsome, strong, fierce, gorgeous, beautiful, attractive, and so, say it with me, PRETTY! Your head to your toes, your eyes and your nose, your mouth and your tummy, your legs and your feet. You are pretty.

My words can’t do enough justice to describe this movie. You have to watch it! See for yourself how comedic, inspiring, and liberating it truly is. Relax with a big bowl of buttery popcorn, some comfy pajamas on, and a mirror so you can look at yourself and tell yourself that you’re pretty all throughout the movie. Be you, be confident. That’s when you’re the most beautiful.

“Change everything without changing anything.” I Feel Pretty


Ashley Marble

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