Shakespeare Show Case


By Tanner Strong          

Hey You!

         Halloween is coming up soon and what better way to get in the mood then some creepy MacBeth!? Want to see hives of witches, demented demons, and witchcraft spells? Well, come to the Shakespeare Showcase, September 25th, 7-9pm! It’s a Tuesday and more importantly, free! So grab a date (guys, chicks love theater.) or go alone for a fun night of theater!


  What you’ll see:

  • The creepiest MacBeth scene you’ll ever see!
  • Ghosts from your past.
  • Dance company’s secret piece.
  • Attempted murder.
  • Gut busting comedy!
  • And more fun…

Don’t worry if you can’t understand Shakespeare, we’ll show it to you. Come down and see. You won’t regret it.


Contact: Morrey in the A-Hall or a Drama 4 student for more info!