The Ballroom Bullet-Points


By Aria Collings

The ballroom team is back and ready for action! Ready to waltz in and kick butt at every competition! There are many events to come before they lockstep into the hearts of the nation.

On September 14, during half-time at the much looked forward to homecoming football game, Ballroom will perform for the first time in the huge hybrid fine arts dance. Cheer, Westlake Dance Company, and Drill have conjured this routine alongside Ballroom to create a dance combining all the team’s cultures. Expect a great show!

Jeffrey Sosa, the Westlake Ballroom coach, has been kept busy improving the team’s game this year. Previously an English teacher, Coach Sosa quit his educating career to coach ballroom full time. He’s also currently in the process of getting his masters degree in ballroom. Sosa is prepared to spread ballroom dance knowledge among as many students as possible and broaden it’s culture.

The ballroom team will be up and going all year between competitions, performances, and sports games. Come to the homecoming game and support them!