This Will be Our Year!


Welcome to Thunderzone!


Did you know that Westlake has a school newspaper? No? We’re not surprised, even though we’ve been here for three years. Journalism is in charge of Thunderzone, and this year it’s a class! (in previous years it’s been a club.)


We are so excited to really dig in and work hard to provide up-to-date and relevant news just for you, the students of Westlake. We have a amazing new staff and editors, and we are eager to bring awareness and popularity to Thunderzone! We’re collabing with Thundervision to bring great new on all mediums.


Why are There Papers Taped to the Bathroom Stall?


We’ve also started a newspaper called The Writing on The Stalls. You may have already seen our first edition. We are going to be posting new Writings each week. The focus of the Writings is to give you news and dates of activities, games and concerts happening that week, with small ads and stories. We have posted our website, at the bottom because The Writing on The Stalls is going to bleed into Thunderzone and Thundervision.


Thunderzone’s purpose is to provide a platform for young writers to express themselves and and their ideas. We want to show what life at Westlake is like, the good, the bad, the weird, the ugly. Thunderzone and the journalism classes are ready and waiting to start this school year providing our views and your news.        

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I am always reading. I am a bit of a grammar Nazi but a horrible speller. I am so glad to be a part of Thunderzone and love words and expressing myself though them.