This year was Westlake’s first year that girl’s soccer made it to state. They almost didn’t make it but with strong desires, motivation, and heart they were able to pull it together and win their way there.

During the season they played ‘decently’ and according to Maddie Bradley, who plays forward and wing and is a supportive captain of the team, they started out really disconnected and struggled to work together as a team but as the team neared the end of the season they finally hit their stride and played great together. Which is how they were able to make it to state.

When it was their last season game, it was a huge deal. It was the game that decided their future. Will the team win and go to state? Or lose and never play again? The game was agaisnt Bingham. Our team was full of really motivated players who played their hardest.
Luckily they were rewarded for their hard work and won 4-1. This meant they moved on to state and got to play together for a few more games. This was the first time the girls’ soccer team went to state and the first that Bingham didn’t go. According to Sadie, one of the three varsity captains, this is how she personally felt and how she suspects everyone else on her team felt as well, “Haha losers! Bump down that social status!”
Their first game at state was agaisnt Herriman. Throughout the whole game both teams fought hard. By the end it was a tie, one to one. In overtime our girls managed to get one more goal, resulting in a win.

Everyone was so happy and excited to continue their adventure. In the second game, they scored first agaisnt Layton. The team played well and kept the ball possessed. The game was almost over but Layton got a goal in the last few minutes. The teams were then sent into golden goal overtime, where whoever scores first wins. In this overtime the ref called a foul outside the box, one which Maddie Mae, team captain, claimed it shouldn’t have been a call. Their opponent took the kick and made the goal, giving Layton the win and moved them on to the next round.

Westlake’s time in state was already over but the players were proud for playing so hard and making it this far, writing history as they moved. The seniors will forever miss playing for westlake and all the memories that came with it. For the other girls, they still have next year to get even farther in state and to keep breaking the records and writing Westlake history.