Applying for a job at Megaplex Theatres


If you are in need of job, and you are good with customer service, these are some tips and tricks to help you apply for Megaplex Theaters in Utah receiving $8 an hour, plus discounts on any Larry H. Miller owned company. It would increase your chances if you make a resume before you apply.

To apply, you go to there online website, and you click “jobs” in the top right corner, and select a location. You then fill out your information regarding the job, including a way for them to get into contact with you. During this application, you can submit your resume and it will increase your chances at an interview significantly. Around 2-14 days, they will contact you, and ask you if you still want the interview, and set up a time and place for the interview.

They will have an interview, and ask you around 6 questions about your personality, and a scenario, to see what you would do in a specific situation. Then if you respond well in this interview, they will ask you if you want the job, and if so, they will set up an orientation, and there, they will tell you about the company, and give you free popcorn and soda, you will need to bring 2 personal identifications, to verify it is you.

After this orientation, you will need to get your food handlers permit, and do that online, under Food handlers card, and you will have to do online assessments about there company online also, these will be due in about Two weeks.

Then they will give you three days to work, the next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. These will be your training days, to learn how to do the job, so you’re not confused on your first day. During one of your training days, you will fill out an availability form, to let them know what days, and times you can work. You can even request time off for vacation days, but everyone is expected to work on holidays. This does not mean you will get scheduled on a holiday, it just means you are expected to work if you do get scheduled.

If you still want the job, you can apply right now, if it is hiring. You will know if it is hiring, if the location you searched for is appearing. This is a very fun to place to work, and everyone is very friendly. Good luck.