Drama Shakespeare Recap



Westlake Drama went down to Cedar City, UT this past September. Even though drama didn’t place in any individual pieces, they came as a team and won 3rd place overall in the Buckingham division (largest schools). Go Thunder!

Westlake left Thursday morning to make the journey on a bus led by the best bus driver, Doug. Some people caught up on sleep, some played games, and others just chatted with friends. Westlake’s first stop (beside bathroom stops) was to watch a show provided by the Shakespeare Festival: The Liar. The Liar takes place in 1600’s France, where a man that is really good at lying meets up with a man who can only tell the truth. Together, they cause confusion and mayhem all throughout France. After the show and checking in the hotel, Westlake saw another show: The Foreigner. The Foreigner is in Georgia, where a shy Brit (Charley) comes to stay for the weekend while his friend (Froggy) does military business. To help Charlie’s shyness, Froggy tells everyone that he can’t speak English, but Charlie overhears a terrible plot.

Friday is the start of Competition. Westlake’s Drama team competes with their ensemble MacBeth scene this day. On the schedule, Westlake performs 2nd to last in the Adams outdoor theatre. After seeing WDC’s amazing performance, the Drama team was ready to perform. Once Westlake took the stage, they stormed the stage and roared like thunder! Rewarding the fantastic performace of Westlake drama, G. Twitchell took the team out for pizza at the pizza factory. You’re the best Twitchell.

Saturday. The last day at shakespeare. Up next in the competition was the individual events. Westlake Drama is allowed to bring 1 Tech team for the tech olympics, 3 monologues (solo pieces), and 2 duo/trio scenes. On the Tech team was: Beki Beal, Alex Rogers, Fish (Paige) Ford, Hannah Hales, Keaton Hales, Oakley Dalton, Wesley Roblyer, and Daphni Thayne. Monolouges consisted of: Tanner Strong (performing Romeo and Juliet), Mira Pederson (performing Henry IV), and Liv Santiago (performing As You Like It). Duo/Trio scenes: Emma Wind and Billy Horman (performing Othello), and Livy Porter, Hunter Caussey, and Seth Johnson (performing MacBeth). Everyone competed with all their heart and energy to win Westlake Drama a nearly perfect score to tie for 3rd alongside Skyridge.

After a long and fun trip: Westlake drama came back victorious. They came out bigger and stronger in acting and are ready to prepare for the spring competition. But, first things first: Westlake’s Drama needs to prepare for the fall show: Charley’s Aunt, showing November 15th, 16th, 19th, and 20th. Gooooooo Thunder!!!!!