Shakespeare Festival


Westlake Dance Company is a dance team here at Westlake High School that focuses on electrifying performances with strong technique and the ability to artistically perform all types of dance. Dance Company performs at halftimes for the school, including assemblies and halftimes, and also competes at the annual Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah. 

Dance Company strives to have professionalism and confidence while performing and just in everyday activities. At Shakespeare Festival, dance company is known for their respectability and grace. If you ever need a friend, dance company will always be there. 

Westlake Dance Company is recognized for competing at Shakespeare Festival. They have won first place place the last three years and usually come in the top three. Westlake is known for their breathtaking and beautiful dances that leave the audience in awe. The last two years, Westlake Dance Company has walked away with first place and showcased. Showcased is when the judges personally choose a routine to show in front of all the competitors at the competition. Dance Company goes to Shakespeare with our amazing drama team here at Westlake. 

On September 27th, dance company headed toward Shakespeare Festival. There, they would take dance classes, watch plays, and enjoy time with each other, as well as making tons of new friends from all over Utah. Dance company is allowed to take an ensemble peice and also compete in the duo/trio category. They did very good and got fantastic feedback from the judges. (At Shakespeare, after you perform, you sit on the floor and the judges tell you their notes.) On saturday, they found out that their duet got showcased. They were all ecstatic. At rewards, the duet performed and did amazing in front of all their competitors. Westlake Dance Company ended up getting 1st in the duo/trio category and 2nd place in the ensemble category. Westlake also got 3rd in the sweepstakes, which is drama and dance combined. It was a very successful trip.