Swim Meet, Nov 16-17-Bingham Invitational


Westlake’s Bingham Invitational

(All swim terms will be found at the bottom of article)

Westlake High School’s first local swim meet was held November 16th and 17th at Kearns Oquirrah Fitness Center in Salt Lake City. It is the swim team’s annual 2 day Bingham Invitational.


During season, swim meets are limited to 2-3 teams max. Invitationals and Regional meets, plus State are all meets where several teams from all over come to race. Although swim is an individual sport, it is greatly team driven. The work is on you specifically to get points in races for your team overall. Dropping time, getting personal records, and winning heats are very important for gaining points.

Here are the details for this meet:

Friday’s meet started at 7pm and ended around 10pm. The races held were smaller individual and relay races. Nick Anderson was interviewed-before and after-for his 200IM,  an individual race.

Nick Anderson

-What are you racing today?: “2IM.”

-When?: “Event 6; heat 2.”

-How do you think it will go?: “Really well.”

-How come?: “Because I have a deliberate focus.”

After race follow-up:

-How did it go?:  “I got nervous for no reason. I got nervous because it was a race and it was important. And it psyched me out. And then I false started. It was sloppy.”

-Is there anything you would have changed?: “Simple mistakes that I knew how to fix and was too lazy to.”

-So are you not confident in how it went?: “I was confident in how it went. I just knew it could’ve gone better.”

Nick dropped time, 10 seconds and won his heat in this event.


The other half of the meet started Saturday’s meet started at 9am and ended around 1pm. Swimmer’s were there by 7am to warm up and get ready. Saturday’s races are chock full of big individual races like the 100 freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and 500 freestyle. Greg Simonsen was interviewed before and after his 100 fly. Roxanna Mortensen was interviewed for her 100 breast.

Greg Simonsen

-How will it go?: “I am extremely nervous because I was dumb and went out and got dinner and stayed out super late the night before.”

-What are you confident in?: “I am confident in the fact that I have done this before and I can do it again.”

-Are there any weaknesses in this race for you?: “I could improve my underwaters, my start. Basically everything.”

After race follow-up

-How did it go: “Amazing!”

-Anything you could change?: “What time the meet starts.”

Greg dropped .17 seconds off his time (milliseconds are a big deal for swimmer’s who are improving on wicked fast races), and beat the high school record.

Roxanna Mortensen

-How will it go?: “I think it’ll go really well-I’ve worked really hard and practiced this week. And this is a fast pool I like this pool.”

-What are you confident in?: “I’m confident in my training.”

-Are there any weaknesses in this race for you?: “I think I’m just trying to improve my endurance.”

After race follow-up

-How did it go?: “I think it went really well-I feel like I improved a lot on my underwaters and my tempo. Which helped a lot! Overall it was a good race.”
-Confident in end result?: “Yes!”

-Anything you would change?: “Probably more practice on my underwaters.”

Roxanna got a personal record in her race resulting in a minute, 23 seconds.


That is the wrap on the first local first, 2018. Continue to join and support the team!




  • Dropping Time: when a swimmer’s racing time drops through practice
  • Personal Record: a new record on a race from dropping time
  • Events: the category of which race and stroke is being swam
  • Heats: the line you are in to race
  • False Start: when a swimmer dives in too early before the race start
  • 200 IM: a race of each stroke, 50 meters
  • 100 Freestyle: a stroke swam 100 meters alternating arms
  • 100 Butterfly: a stroke swam 100 meters both arms out of water-in water recovery
  • 100 Breaststroke: a stroke swam 100 meters both arms underwater-on surface recovery
  • 100 Backstroke: a stroke swam 100 meters backwards alternating arms
  • 500 Freestyle: a stroke same 500 meters alternating arms
  • Underwaters: the recovery motions for strokes and streamline when you dive into water
  • Fast Pool: when the pool temperature is colder, swimmer’s feel and go faster  during races and warmups
  • Meters: pool lengths are 25 meters across- a race of 50 meters would be down and back
  • Recovery: the motion you do after the main part of your stroke to set yourself back up for the main stroke again
  • Streamline: the position you are in before you dive into the water and the beginning position for every stroke