Varsity Volleyball Game Vs Pleasant Grove


On October 9th at 6:00 pm Westlakes Volleyball team played against Pleasant Groove. The electrifying game took place at Westlake and if you didn’t know it was senior night. Two seniors were recongnized that night and their names are Cassidy Karen and Saige Brunson. As they were being called down their teammates showed emotion by clapping, yelling, And wrapping jewelry around their necks.

Cassidy got to serve the ball on the first play due to the time off she had from her injury. The game was a little slow at first but then got intense with back to back scoring on both sides. Most of Westlake’s points were from spikes and the ball going out of bounds and occasionally from the ball hitting the net.

One player by the name of Cassidy Karen had a great game when it came to spiking the ball. Due to her spikes Westlake got a lot of points on the board. But sadly in the end Westlake lost to Pleasant Groove 3-1.

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