Voting – The 2018 Midterm Elections


Deadline for online/in-person voter registration for the 2018 midterm election is October 30th. To register to vote, visit

The election is on November 6th.

Early voting occurs October 23rd – November 2nd.

This November is going to be an exciting – or maybe scary – month. Why, you may ask? It’s because the midterm elections will be taking place. A midterm election is the election that happens two years into a president’s term. Each midterm, we elect new officials to fill the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. Some state propositions and constitutional amendments are also on the ballot.

Utah is electing four new representatives and one senator. Along with that, we have three constitutional amendments, one non-binding opinion question, and three propositions on our state ballot.

The candidates for senate are as follows: Mitt Romney, Republican; Jenny Wilson, Democrat; Craig Bowden, Libertarian; Timothy Noel “Tim” Aalders, Constitution Party; and Reed McCandless, Independent.

The candidates for House of Representatives (for District 4) are Mia Love, Republican; and Ben McAdams, Democrat.

Constitutional Amendment A attempts to allow military personnel a tax exemption on their property if they are serving at least 200 days in a 365 day period. Visit for the whole amendment.

Constitutional Amendment B attempts to allow a property tax exemption on land that the state or local government leases from a private owner. Visit for the whole amendment.

Constitutional Amendment C attempts to allow the state legislature to convene for a limited session if two-thirds of the Utah Senate and House members agree that convening is necessary because of an emergency. It also will require the Governor to reduce state expenditures or convene the legislature if state expenses will exceed revenue for the fiscal year; and it will require a session of the Legislature to be held at the Capitol outside of the 45-day annual general session, unless it is not feasible. Visit for the whole amendment.

The Non-Binding Opinion Question is about a potential gas tax increase to help fund education and local roads. Visit for more details.

Proposition Two attempts to legalize medicinal marijuana in the state of Utah. Visit for the whole Proposition.

Proposition Three attempts to expand Medicaid coverage to previously-ineligible low-income adults, using a sales tax increase to fund it. Visit for the whole Proposition.

Proposition Four attempts to create a seven-member independent commission that will recommend redistricting plans to the Utah Legislature. The members will be chosen by the Governor, the majority party, and the minority party. Visit for the whole Proposition.

More information about the election and the issues being voted on can be found at:

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