1st Choir Concert


1st Choir Concert By Rachael Startup

This year, Westlake marks ten years of being open. Which means it’s been ten years of Mrs. Hatch teaching choir at Westlake. All of the choirs celebrated the ten years at their first concert of the 2018 school year. Many songs were sung, such as: songs from Les Miserables, Circle of Life from Lion King, Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan, Africa, Dancing Queen, and many more.

I asked Logan Story, a techie working on the show, what his favorite part of the show that he got to work on and this was his answer: “Its during the song “Africa” by Toto, just because its a great song.”

At the end of the concert, all the choirs sang YMCA and had the audience join in. There were people dancing and making the hand movements of YMCA, the lights were all colorful and moving around the auditorium, and some choir kids did tricks such as a flip in the air. It was an amazing way to end the concert.

If you didn’t make it to the show, you really missed out. Luckily for you though, they have more concerts coming your way. We will keep you updated as they come. Good job Choir!