Charly’s Aunt


Behind Closed Curtains By Rachael Startup

Behind closed curtains is where you will find the theater kids. Whether it’s the actors working on their lines, or the stage crew building and moving sets, in reality we are just like you. We have hopes, dreams and struggles.

In an interview with Jordan Davis, Vice President in Drama Club, when asked, “What hard things have you done for one or more of Westlake’s productions?” She responded, “One hard thing I think a lot of us go through is figuring out who we are going to be on stage. I think that some people forget that we have to become a different person when we are on stage. It’s hard to formulate how they move, talk, and think. Then become someone brand new. You leave your personality and create a new one. It’s super tough, but once you figure that out, it’s forever worth it.” 

This year behind closed curtains, we are working on our fall show; Charlie’s Aunt. Charlie’s Aunt is a comedy about two guys who ask girls out on a date and need a chaperone. One of the guys asks his aunt to chaperone. When unexpectedly his aunt doesn’t come, they have one of their guy friends dress up as his aunt.

When asked, “What she is looking forward to in the Westlake production of Charlie’s Aunt. Livy Porter, Drama Club President, said, “There’s a whole lot of preparation that goes in. We have to push ourselves so far beyond where we’re at and we all grow so much. I’ve had to work so hard to increase my skills in dancing, which I am really bad at, learning dialects, character voices, and memorization. It’s so cool to see everyone around me push so hard to grow so much, and it’s all worth it in the end when we can perform for a crowd and see how far we’ve come. I’m so excited to (hopefully) get into the fall show and work hard, alongside my favorite people, doing my favorite thing.” 

The next time you come to a performance by the theater students, don’t forget they have been hard at work. We are looking forward to having you at our next performance. Stay tuned for more updates on the fall show.