For all those sophomores out there you’re probably hearing about this thing called “Christmas Jars” for the first time and are probably wondering what it is, well look no further then this article.

What is it exactly? Well, Christmas Jars is a donation that the FCCLA club puts on every year during Christmas time. For a whole week FCCLA would prepare for two very important events that happen during donation week, one: the Christmas Jars assembly. The assembly is supposed to motivate the student body and teachers to donate money, so what better way to donate money than to watch teachers and yes even students, do crazy things such as eating live goldfish or have the student body pick out your tattoo and have it done right in front of them. You even have the chance to donate money to ducttape a teacher to the wall and leave them there for the whole assembly! There is also food and candy you can buy at the assembly that will also go to donations, and who wouldn’t want to watch some crazy things happen?! Two years ago during the Christmas Jars assembly we had Mr. Twitchell himself wrestle a student named Kavika who in the end of the wrestling match threw Mr. Twitchell on the ground and broke his shoulder.

For the second event, the FCCLA host a winter Carnaval in the commons after school called “Stuff the Jar Night” during the carnival, kids along with families and their communities come and donate money and have fun! Along with the FCCLA having a booth and other clubs and sports will also donate their time and resources to come and provide a booth. There will be a silent auction and prizes given by clubs, pictures with Santa and princesses, and reading time with a princess. Even a live band will be playing in the auditorium! There will also be works of art that the student body will have made that will be sold during the carnival.

But what are the donations for? The donations go to families that might not get a Christmas this year due to a tragic accident that occurred, or to families who’s every penny goes to medical treatments to their child, father, or mother. Or maybe to people who are in just too much debt to even pay for a present for their family. Who ever it may be, the FCCLA takes the donations and split the money into four and give the money to four families in need in our community who don’t have enough money for Christmas. So instead of skipping the assembly and spending money on yourself for food, stay for the assembly and donate your money for a good cause. Who knows, maybe the money you donate goes to a person you know, who is in need that you didn’t know. You can make a difference in the community, even if you only donate a couple dollars, Mrs. Willson said “We would get notes back from the families we donate saying how thankful they are that they have been given this little Christmas miracle, one note even called our club “Angels” and how they are so thankful that our school does such a thing like this.”

Please donate at Christmas Jars this year, even if its a dollar. Cause that dollar can help buy a toy for a child who thought that they wouldn’t get a Christmas this year.