DECA is Commencing!


DECA has commenced at Westlake High school! Events are being planned, categories are being chosen, and teams are preparing for the competitions. Is there hope for our members this year? Come to the events to support your fellow classmates and you may be able to join a thunderous applause for their victory.

DECA competes in the regional competition on December 4th at Utah Valley University. There, members of the club who have been preparing since the start of school, will participate in a sort of roleplay. Members are given a topic, a situation, and a problem at the beginning, then are given some time to act out the problem and provide a solution. Those presenting with the most knowledge and best solution in the round will move onto the next round.

Last year, we had several members of DECA representing Westlake ranking in the top 10’s in state! We even had Daniel Clothier qualify and attend Nationals at Atlanta, Georgia. That was an amazing feat! Our own peers, no less. It’s a tough competition, but one that’s worthwhile. 

At the events, the top ten winners receive medals, while the top three receive trophies and money towards attending Nationals. This year, DECA Nationals will be at Orlando Florida. 

Get excited for our DECA members to go compete! They put in a lot of work to represent our great school, as well as our future business leaders. DECA members will help shape business in their future careers, so come support them on their big day!

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