Poem: Girls




Girls buying all these clothes , makeup, shoes, jewelry, anything that will make them feel beautiful.

Going to the mall to find one extra small, hoping you will fit, looking in the mirror. We see something different, we see big thighs, we see a big tummy. We try and eat healthy, we exercise, but it gets to the point we just starve ourselves. We want to die because nobody ever sees our lives.

We feel like we have to follow all the expectations, shave our legs, wear all this expensive makeup. Social media has really changed our worlds. At age seven, looking at the TV screen ads with only skinny girls. In high school, getting called fat, ugly, fake. Those are only some of the hurtful words people say.


They label us, they hurt us, and yet even though we try our hardest wasting money on all these expensive products.


Girls are suffering every day,

Girls cry themselves to sleep thinking they’re not perfect.

Well I have a message for all the girls here tonight,

It doesn’t matter how many inches are around your waist, and

It doesn’t matter how much makeup is on your face .