On Wednesday October 10th, Westlake’s Orchestras had their annual Middle School Cluster Concert. They invited both Vista and Frontier to come and preform on Westlake’s stage. All orchestras did a fantastic job. Each orchestra had about two songs to preform and they all joined together for Mr. Haywood’s Hammer! He explained right before they starting playing that other than the obvious connection to Westlake Hammer, hammer is a bow movement, a stroke downward, and at the end of the song the hammer movement would be emphasized. The song had a electric beat to help the musicians who couldn’t see Mr. Haywood conducting. Haywood himself had an black violin, and played a solo throughout the song.

One of the songs the Chamber Orchestra played had a special guest soloist, a harpist. It was beautiful, and who knew Westlake has such divisive musicians. During one of Frontier’s Intermediate Orchestra’s pieces, they suddenly stopped and Mr. Haywood asked the audience if it was fine to start again. The audience eagerly applauded them on, and cheered when they finished. Many students had solos in their pieces, and all soloists played wonderfully. The audience enjoyed it so much they bounced in their seats. Well, at least a little boy in the front row did.

Great job Frontier, Vista and Westlake Orchestras!


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