Westlake Gaming Club



A photo taken at one of the after-school Smash Club Tournaments.

Westlake Gaming Club

The Westlake Gaming Club is the club to talk about. This club is run by two amazing teachers, Mr. Test and Mr. Davis. The Westlake Gaming Club isn’t just for video games, though. There’s also role playing and card games this year, if that’s your thing. Mr. Davis will be running most of the role playing/card games, while Mr. Test will be running more of the video game side of things. (Also don’t “Test” him in Street Fighter you’ll get your butt whooped). Joining the Westlake Gaming Club this year is the Smash Club. The Westlake Smash and Gaming Clubs were separated in years past, but this year they are finally coming together and making the Gaming Club that much sweeter.

A little run-down on what the Gaming Club is. It’s in the name, as you might assume? This club is a place where you can game with other students from Westlake. This is spanning across a wide variety of game genres, like Rocket League for example, a high-speed soccer game with flying cars. In three words,”It’s Lit Fam” or in old people talk it’s super fun. You also have other games like Magic: The Gathering, which is a super cool card game. Even if you don’t even know how to play these video games or role playing/card games, just come to the Gaming Club, hang out and you can learn how to! I’m positive Mr. Test would love to show you the ropes of Rocket League.


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Rocket cars driving to hit that soccer ball into the goal.

Did you know the Westlake Gaming Club has Super Smash Bros. tournaments on the last Friday of every month? Here, at these tournaments you will be put into brackets and face-off against fellow Westlake Smashers. If tournament play isn’t your thing, but still want to SMASH then no worries, we have casual play areas too. Don’t hold me to this little secret, but there will be prizes for the winner of the Smash tournaments as well. It’s a great time, come over and have fun! There is also a brand new game for the Nintendo Switch called Super Smash Brothers Ultimate that looks amazing and it hasn’t even come out yet. December 7th can’t come any sooner.

The Gaming Club meets every Tuesday after school. Email Mr. Test at btest@alpinedistrict.org if you have any questions.