Beating the Winter Blues


Winter is rough. Gloomy skies and dirty snow, runny noses and cold hands. Its pretty easy to get down in the dumps this time of year. What if there were things you could do to make this winter just as fun as summer? Well, there are! Here are a few tips and tricks you can apply to your life the next 3-4 months.

Go to bed an hour earlier, There are so many benefits from getting a good nights rest. 8-9 hours is the recommended time to sleep every night to restart your brain and body for the next day. In the winter it gets darker earlier so tricking yourself its 10:00 and not 9:00 is pretty easy.  Dress for the weather. We all know that one kid who wears shorts all year. Don’t do that. Being cold doesn’t help anything. Start an indoor garden with little potted plants. It makes the air feel so much more fresh and clean. In December, get super involved in whatever holiday you celebrate. Holiday spirit is something that cheers everyone up. Bundle up and go sledding with some friends. Honestly nothing is more fun than feeling like a kid again. Lights, Lights, LIGHTS. You need light as a human. Winter doesn’t provide enough hours of sunlight, so you might have to find a different way to get vitamin D. Eat healthy and don’t forget to exercise, but that applies to all year not just winter.

With these tips, hopefully you don’t get too down in the dumps these season. Stay positive and try to find the good in every situation!