Some of you may have noticed the Instagram account that has been gaining a constant follower base titled @wearehemsworthy. But what is this mysterious account, and can their goal actually be achieved? Whoever is running the account is a mystery, but their name is portrayed, humorously, as “Desperate Students”. As for their goal, perhaps it’s better for their bio to explain for themselves.

“Thor is our school mascot. Naturally, we want Chris Hemsworth to come to our prom.”

While the cause is simple, this account has already amassed 800 followers in its first active week. Most of the posts are memes quoting popular Marvel movies, which Chris Hemsworth regularly stars in as Thor, the god of thunder. The students behind this account (and we assume they’re students, but no one really knows) want him to reprise his role as Thor. Not for a movie, of course, but rather to make an appearance at our prom, which is held March 23, 2019.

While they have had mostly positive response to their cause, they have also faced opposition early on in their career. Most students protest that Thor himself is not our mascot, we are “the Thunder.” The account argues that while the student body may be referred to as the Thunder, Thor is our mascot. This much is true; Chris Hemsworth may not be an official school sponsor, but his likeness is prominently used on many of Westlake’s promotional and decorational material.

Another popular argument among the skeptics is that Chris Hemsworth is a busy man, and will likely be involved in film projects at this time, and to ask him to attend prom would take him away from his job. The account has an answer to this too; they remind us that the highly-anticipated Avengers: Endgame will be released in April, so promotional work for that movie will likely be underway. Statistically, Utah watches the most Marvel movies out of any state, so what would be a better stop to promote the biggest entry in the franchise than our very own state capital. They claim to have begun preparations to set up a press stop for his and are working with his manager and KSL, but none of this can be confirmed at this time.

Whether or not Hemsworth will actually answer the call is up the air right now, but the account continues to gain traction. If you would like to support them, find out more about their cause at @wearehemsworthy on Instagram and Twitter.