Math Club


Have you ever wondered what really goes on in Math Club? Well according to Amelia Burnett and Grace Knight, members of the club, they can narrow it down to 4 words: Food, Friendships, Fun, and Math!


According to Burnett, a few things she gets out of the club is, “…cool books and fun facts and food!”


Burnett explains how friendship has played a big role in the club. “I get lots of friendships and people to help if I ever have homework needs or if I am just curious…I get to hang out with people who are fascinated and excited about similar things and aren’t intimidated by numbers.”
Knight adds on by saying, “…Everyone is so nice, and it’s another place to go for math help. We have a wide range of math abilities so we can solve any problem that comes our way!”


I then asked Knight why she joined Math Club. She answered, saying, “I joined Math Club to stretch my brain and have a bit of a challenge! I get food, friendships, fun, and math!”


As you can see both of the ladies really enjoy Math Club. So, if you love math or have a math problem that needs help, Math Club is the place for you!