National Honors Society


National Honors Society

The National Honors Society (NHS) is a nationwide club that was established to recognize students who go above and beyond in excellence. This is more than just honor roll; NHS thrives to recognize students who have demonstrated excellence in Service, Leadership, Character, and Scholarship.

Joining NHS

To join the club at Westlake High school, you would need to sign up at Club Rush week. You would also need to have your GPA be a 3.75 or higher, and have 0 NC’s or F’s. There is also a fee to join the club.

History of NHS

This club was established in 1921 under the leadership of a Fifth Avenue High school in Pittsburgh by Dr. Edward Rynearson. This club grew rather quickly, equipped with a constitution, an emblem and motto, and a group of principals as coordinators. There were four main purposes to guide NHS chapters from the beginning; to create excitement for a scholarship, to create desire to serve, to promote leadership, and to develop character into students.


Mrs. Wixom

1. What is the club?
“The National Honor Society is a club that is focused on service to the school and community. Like the name implies is a nationwide organizations and our goal is to be able to help as many people as possible and find ways that we can improve our school and community. “
2. Do you have meetings? If so, when?
“We have meetings once a month, usually on the 3rd Wednesday right after school.”
3. Around how many people are involved?
“We have a very large club! There are 115 students in the club.”
4. How can people join?
“Joining the club happens at the beginning of the year. For this year we are not accepting any new members. If students would like to be involved next year they can find information about the club at Club Rush week!”
5. Do you like it? Why?
“I love NHS! It is an amazing club! The ability to be able to help the community is the best! I also love being able to see the growth that the students involved go through! They have so much fun and work so hard for the club and it is great to see them actively looking for ways to improve their community.”
6. How are you participating?
“I am one of the advisers for the club. This is my first year being an adviser but I do have prior experience with NHS. I was involved in my schools NHS. I loved being in it then and I love being in charge of it now! I work with two other teachers, Susan Purdy and Kelly Boyles. We love the kids involved and the chances that we have had to serve our school and community.”
7. Does it cost money?
“There was a fee to join the club. It is a national organization and so in order to join there is a fee that we have to pay to create the club.”
8. Is it competitive?
“Getting into the club is not necessarily competitive but you do have to reach certain criteria. You have to have a GPA of 3.75 or higher, you can’t have any NC’s or F’s. Once you are in the club you have to be willing to come to every activity and complete 10 hours of service each term on your own. If you miss more than one activity or don’t complete the service hours then you can’t remain in the club. You also have to maintain your GPA.”
Ashley Rice
1. What is the club?
“It’s a nationwide organization based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character.”
2. Why did you join?
“To get scholarships and service hours for college applications.”
3. Does it make an impact on your life?
“I think it makes me more aware of the service I can be doing to make a difference in the world and community.”
4. What would you change about the club?
“Maybe more meetings to communicate instead of just emails.”
5. What are you doing to participate?
“I find stuff to do outside of school for the 10 service hours per term we’re required to do.”
6. Best part of the club?
“That we’re all working together to accomplish our goals.”
Westlake students should get involved with NHS, this is a very good way to get out and build your character more, and get out there and serve. This will also teach you leadership, and give you something for colleges to look at! This is a very fun and organized club, and YOU should join next year, 2019 to join the National Honors Society!


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