In Lehi, Utah a new school has popped up on the map offering a military experience and JROTC opportunities for its students. The Utah Military Academy has an understanding of the requirement to achieve academic excellence when being admitted into the US military, and they are aiding their students to work towards this as many of them are planning on a military career in their future. However, there are a select few individuals that do not have those plans in mind but still attend the academy. According to the schools curriculum, all of the students that attend will be prepared for any competitive environment they may be faced with after graduation in an attempt to maximize their academic potential. To improve the validity of this establishment and to improve their education standards, their staff is full of professional military persona to encourage a military culture and atmosphere in the school. Guest speakers also make frequent visits to talk to the students about their experiences in or with the military to help the cadets visualize the lifestyle. For example, the last speaker they welcomed to speak was a survivor of Nazi Concentration Camps during WWII. This school is determined to have a positive effect on the community as it strives to build leaders and as it helps to have the public more informed about the military and how it operates. This is a valuable distribution of info because of the close proximity of Camp Williams and the impact it has on the surrounding population. Carson Christensen, a student at the academy, praises its ability to give responsibility to its students. He was recently given a position of leadership among his peers and says that he has learned so much from the staff members he is working with and is improving his leadership skills daily. As seen from the example of Carson, the impact of this new school can be observed and it is definitely a good one! Teaching the youth in the community about being responsible and teaching them how to develop amazing leadership qualities is going to do wonders for everyone involved! To learn more about the Utah Military Academy, you can visit their website