STAGE CREW!?! Who are they? Do we really know? Are they a secret organization or a cult? Well I went backstage to find out. Stage crew is a class led by the dramatic arts teacher, Morrey. They are shadows in the night that practically live backstage. Not only do they build the fantastic sets you see in Westlake’s theatre and mic the fantastic actors, they also manage every performance backstage, even if it’s a choir concert, dance, or band/orchestra. The class itself is pretty student ran. That means: all of the amazing sets and lighting and sound in all shows, theatre or not, is all student ran, Morrey just sits back and watches the magic. They have some fantastic student leaders that go over the top to make sure the performing arts are as professional as it can be. Our 2019 stage manager is the fantastic Rebekah “Beki” Beal. She is in charge of maintaining the auditorium, Prepping for events (community, school, etc…), working on development of knowledge, and occasionally trying not to kill the performers. Beki is the nicest human being on planet earth. She might be a tad bit scary backstage, but she will always be a friend and push you to be the best you can be. Assistant director is Jake Bitner. The brother and “better” sibling of alumni stage manager, Ashley Bitner, he’s taking his Junior year in a great start and does a fantastic job at what he does. Next is our Technical Director. Now most of you either know him or have heard his name, he is in student council and is responsible for the sets of three of Westlake’s shows: Westley Robblyer. Westley is a super awesome guy. Not only does he juggle student council and school work, he also comes 20+ hours after school to make amazing sets for three of westlake’s shows, coming to four with Curtains in March. When interviewing students in tech crew, they all come together and say the best thing about stage crew is their unity. They all work as a family and come together to make each other grow further, even if friendly competition is in play. Once they enter back stage, they all morph into one shadow. They all have a common goal and always get that goal done. They all have to spend 20 hour per term after school for there grade, either teching a show or setting up for one. We love stage crew!