This is Why We Sing


What’s so special about choir? Why are so many students part of it? I asked Grace Knight, Ashley Casto, Adam Luke and Garrett Haymond what they all thought. One of the very first things I received from every single one of them was choir is a family. In fact, Grace Knight put it like this, “You feel like family here.” Adam Luke said, “I found a family in choir that I belong to.” But it’s not just about the feeling of support from your fellow members. Ashley Casto says, “Music is its own language. We don’t just sing these pieces to check them off our bucket list.” Grace also says, “You’ve worked hard and everything’s paid off.”

Why is it so special? Garrett Haymond says, “Music brings out the actual soul of a person… It’s not just for friends and family, it’s also for people who have the desire to join.” Choir isn’t just for people who know how to sing very well. It’s also for anyone who has the joy of singing, even if they think they can’t sing. Adam said, “Choir is a trait that everyone has… and we can make something beautiful… there’s always going to be a spot where you fit… it will show others that anyone can sing.” Choir is one big family that welcomes anyone and everyone. Ms. Satterfield always used to say, “If you fail, you fail in glory.”

Choir is a safe space that welcomes all kinds of voices. For more information visit Westlake’s website or talk to Ms. Hatch about how to join choir.