Thunder Vision is a class Westlake offers where you learn all about video production. Its a hands on class where every other Friday your class period collaborates on one big episode to present to the entire school. The students included in this class are very dedicated to thunder vision.                                                                                                               Executive Producer Karina Pena says ” I make sure the episodes are being made and that everyone is happy” she also said “TV takes at least 20 hours of my day, I come to school to be apart of it.” These students take 2 weeks to make each of their videos. A week filming and a week editing. There is an A day and B day period and they switch off who is in charge of that weeks episode.                                                                                     Alix Story says ” My favorite thing to do in the episodes are credits and intro. I really like editing those videos” Alix spends about 20 hours on each video she creates. Thunder Vision means a lot to the students involved whether its working 20 hours a day or 20 hours per video the students are working really hard to get these episodes out to the students every Friday.                                                                                                                             Mr. Pickett, the one in charge of Thunder Vision, said ” The class offers the students involved a chance to be pushed farther than they think they can go.” Pickett moved his family down from Layton to continue to be over Thunder Vision. Now that’s dedication. Teachers! Watch Thunder Vision every Friday. It only takes around 10 minutes and these students have worked really hard to get these videos out. Subscribe to Thunder Vision on YouTube and follow their Instagram page @whsthundervision.