The Westlake Art Club is a club whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for students who enjoy art to have extracurricular club and make cool projects. I was able to interview Mrs. Coates, head of the art club, about what the club does. “The art club meets once a month after school, usually on Wednesday, in Mrs. Benson’s classroom,” said Mrs. Coates. She also said that you don’t have to be experienced in art to join the club, as it is open to all students. When I asked Mrs. Coates about why people should join the club, she said, “Because it is a good place to meet new friends, and it’s also a good place to express yourself in your art.” The club is also free to join!

I had the opportunity to interview Ash who is the art club president. Ash said, “That the art club goes over to other schools and work with other art clubs.” Ash also said that after they finish every project they can either keep it or donate it. When I asked them about being president, they said “Yes, I like how I can help people in different ways!!”