Be Right On Target, Support Archery Club


Archery: a classic sport and survival skill that has been practiced for generations. It’s been used for hunting and combat. In the modern day, it shows off their impressive composure and technique. Archery Club has it all.

“I was alone and needed an outlet.” Kayla Bluemel, vice president of the archery team, talked on how the Westlake Archery Club has impacted her. “I thought shooting would be fun, and then I made a few long lasting friendships.”

Ethan Harper, the president of the club, said that his favorite thing about Archery Club is definitely the personal competition. Competitions occur about every other month and the big state competition is in February. Contact Ethan Harper for more details on where and when to go see archery compete. Go to show them love and support.   

The Archery Club meets at 4:30 every Friday, at Frontier Middle School in the main gym area. There, the club spends time practicing with school provided equipment, and mingle with many new people and old friends alike.

Jesse Roberts said, “I love archery for the friends and feeling of having a bow in my hands. I am personally really into weapons, and then I was allowed to use weapons at school, so heck yeah!”

“Please come. It’s a fun way to shoot stuff legally,” Kayla encouraged. Many of the team members find it therapeutic to shoot. “I get to shoot stuff to blow off anger and stress. I believe that this helps me very well.”  

If you would like to enhance your abilities, or just enjoy imagining yourself as Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen, Merida, or Legolas, Archery Club is without a doubt the perfect place for you.