Now, there’s a lot of myths said about the French language. A few, for example, one is that French is the language of love, it’s taught at Westlake, it can only be enjoyed by Parisians, and it’s a club at Westlake. Are these myths true? Yes, yes, no, and yes! Wait! Is French really a club at Westlake? Yes it is.

French club is opening up to anyone who wants to experience a little taste of their beautiful language, culture, and food. Yes, food! Madame Losee, the club adviser and only French teacher at Westlake, said, “Anyone can come to enjoy French. French club is a place for all the different levels of my students to come and practice French.”

Brant, a student at Westlake and French club member, states that French club, “Expands my learning, because I can practice outside of class. It’s a good environment. Much better than being dropped off in the middle of France. I can speak with people who are learning, too.”

Not sold yet?

I asked Madame Losee and Brant to share what they believed made French club different and special. Madame Losee said, “The kids. Different groups of kids. It’s not a core class, so they’re all here, because they chose to be here, have fun, and learn. They’re highly motivated.”

Brant said, “The things we learn,” makes French club special. “[And] people who learn the language are more dedicated to learning, because they will go out of school to use it. In jobs, in travel, or whatever they choose.”

During French club activities, Brant likes to learn about the history of France and find people who like it as much as him. One event, other club members recall, is the Halloween event. They learned about the wolves that scoured France. They were large and malicious, and could even stand like men! Many believed they could be werewolves. To this day, historians aren’t quite sure what the beasts could’ve been that devoured so many French folk.

“I made French club because I had it in college at BYU. It was fun! It was once a month, but it was fun to learn more culture and be with people who were learning, like me,” Madame Losee said, “I made French club for Westlake, because I want to foster students’ love of French and help them with opportunities to use it in the future. I also want to see more companionship in between my classes.”

“People should join even if they aren’t in French class. It’s a good place. It’s not just about French, it’s also about the people, “ Brant stated. All in all, any club is only as good as the people that are in it. Brant and Madame Losee invite you to join them in exploring Francophone culture today!