Island Teens Advocacy Team (ITAT) Club


Westlake is full of clubs and organizations to help students learn leadership, unity, and experience things greater than themselves. Students are able to participate in activities to learn how to help themselves, while also reaching out to help and lift others up. The organizations Westlake offers are successful and rapidly growing. The club that was covered in this article is the Island Teen Advocacy Team (ITAT) Club.

The club was discussed with faculty member Anna Butler and student participant in the club Kaylah Pollock.

[Anna Butler]

What is the purpose of this club?:

“The club is Island Teens Advocacy Team. They’re whole purpose is to bring awareness to different things like health issues and problems that are prevalent unto teens now. For example, tobacco, vaping, marijuana, etc. Anything like that.”

Why was it founded?:

“So students could have a voice and raise awareness for things they want to change or improve.”

Who is eligible to be involved?:

“Anybody. ‘Any race. Any face.’ That is their motto.”

What does this organization offer?:

“It gives students an opportunity to advocate for things they care about. They’re going to the state legislative for issues they want to have a voice on and they want to raise the age requirement for tobacco. It’s things like that.” 

[Kaylah Pollock]

Why did you join the Island Teen Advocacy Team?:

“I joined because I’m against drugs. I think they are bad for your lungs, and can do some really harmful damage, maybe not now but definitely in the future.”

How do you promote the club to others?:

“I promote the club by not hanging around people that do those things, and also to help out with club activities to pledge to be tobacco free.”

How do you help others?:

“I help others by asking if they are needing that day/week [sic]. I usually talk to them and do charity whenever I’m available.”

What does this club do for you? What do you gain from it?:

“This club makes me feel more comfortable talking to others of why they shouldn’t (do drugs or internally harmful things), and giving good examples-also to have fun doing activities. And there’s a cute boy in that club so that’s another personal gain.” *smiled*

Do you enjoy being apart of it?:

“I very much enjoy being apart of it!”

This club has around 10-15 students involved and is still open for growth. If you are looking to join or be apart of this organization, contact [faculty member]. If you are looking to join any other organizations, use this link.

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