Westlake High school is home to many clubs. You have chess, tennis and even a lettuce club. Each one different, but all still ‘staying true to the blue’ in their own way. But if you like biking, being outside, and competitive racing then the mountain biking team is a great option for you. Our mountain biking team run by Miss Mardesich is a club that screams Westlake pride. Besides getting killer calves, joining this team allows you to meet new people, participate in competitions, and grow as an athlete.

People on the team understand the value of friendly competition but also focus on their personal growth. Annakate Stott, a member of the team, says, “I love practices! Especially when we’re practicing in a pretty canyon and getting to meet so many wonderful people.” The team participates in several races around the state, competing with multiple schools and their racers. However with this team, along with all Westlake clubs and organizations, a large portion of focus goes towards light and excellence. Meaning respect, positive attitudes, and humbleness.

So what are you waiting for?! For great calves, adventures in the great outdoors, and a bit of competition join Westlake’s mountain biking club today! See Ms. Mardesich in room C126 for more details!