National Honors Society


Did you know that Westlake High school has clubs that you can join and be a part of? One club that you can join is The National Honors Society, this club is a club based off of service and helping others. Also, if you did not know, it is a great way to be able to meet and talk to new people. Some information you might want to know about this club is that they meet once a month usually on the third Wednesday. Also it looks really good on a college resume because it is an extra curricular activity and it shows that you interested in serving your community. It can also help you pay for college by getting scholarships just by being in the club and having experience in service and leadership. Something that the club is about to do is host a one hour reading session for kids. So adults can bring their kids to go do some holiday shopping because they might not have time. Another thing that they are going to do in January is they are going to make blankets and give it to the homeless.