The Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA, is a club at Westlake. Its main goal is to foster friendly conversation between members of the LGBT community and non-members, also known as straight allies. Because Utah County is nearly 90% Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many Westlake students simply don’t know anyone who is LGBT. The GSA helps straight and gay students make friends and learn something new.

“The whole point of the club is to be a safe space for members to support each other and have fun,” said Blaine Campbell, the club vice-president. “We have movie nights once a month, too,” they added. The club isn’t exclusive, either – anyone can come with a good attitude. ”No garbage humans allowed,” said Ms. Miner, the teacher advisor, with a smile. When asked about this statement, Blaine Campbell explained, “We’ve had some bad leaders in the past, but it’s all settled now.”

The GSA meets every Tuesday after school in Ms. Miner’s room in the upstairs C hall.