Thor’s Squad


Thor’s Squad is Westlake High School’s Hope Squad. Hope Squad was created as a “peer to peer” program that partners with local and residential mental health professionals and is designed to help peers struggling with mental and emotional health issues, such as depression and contemplating suicide. In recent studies it has been proven that 7 out of 10 teens go to a friend or a trusted peer to confide in about their mental state. It is then that the Hope Squad members report that to an adult that they trust and can get the student some help. No, Hope Squad members are not trained counselors, but they are trained to see and recognize the warning signs of someone who might be contemplating suicide. They then go to the trusted adult and tell that adult which student they are worried about and the adult can get them help.

In an interview with Ms. Davis, the club advisor, I asked her a few things regarding the club and what they’re all about.

“Why is Thor’s Squad important?”

Her response was, “There are two reasons. Reason one is it’s a place where anyone and everyone can belong. Reason two is because it helps identify ways students can get help if they are struggling.”

“What is Thor’s Squad’s mission?”

“To spread social awareness of social issues and to prevent suicide.”

“What message do you want Thor’s Squad to send to the students of Westlake?”

“They matter, everyone matters, and is noticed and wanted.”

“Why should people know about Thor’s Squad?”

“So they know they can get help.”

“Why should people join Thor’s Squad?”

“To be a part of something and to help others and even help themselves.”

“What is your favorite thing about Thor’s Squad?”

“The students. They have such an energy and passion for helping people.”

“What is something that everyone should know about Thor’s Squad and what message do you want to tell the students of Westlake?”

“We are here to help. You can talk to people and get help. Talk to faculty members, Thor’s Squad members and the counselors, that’s what we’re here for.”