5 Things You Need To Know Before You Do Senior Pictures



5 Things You Need To Know Before You Do Senior Pictures

Seniors, have you gotten your senior pictures yet? Don’t fear if you haven’t. You still have time. Here are 5 things that you need to know to help you have a successful senior picture session.

1. Real smiles are the best smiles.

Try to look as natural as possible in your pictures or you will look awkward. It is okay to do straight faces in your pictures, but having a real smile adds a extra flair to the picture.

2. They don’t need to break the bank.

You don’t need to hire anyone to do your pictures to make it look good. You can ask a friend or even your mom to do them. With some basic camera skills, your pictures will look good.

  1. Outdoor pictures are nice.

Outdoor pictures are the most natural thing you can do. They make it look like you belong in the environment the picture was taken in. The natural light is also a very good thing because it doesn’t wash out your face.

  1. The weather needs to be good.

With outdoor pictures, you need to know what the weather will be. If you have dark skies, then you will get no natural light from the sun. Plan on a day that has sunny skies with no wind. If it is windy, your clothes and hair will be all over the place.

  1. The sooner, the better.

You probably should get it done as soon as you can. As the end of the year approaches, you have many activities that will occupy your time. So go get it done now and don’t stress.