All About Thundervision


Thundervision has existed since Westlake opened, according to Mr. Pickett, the Thundervision advisor. “After Dunn left, we no longer created content for the school. When I came back in 2016, I had the students vote whether or not to bring Thundervision back and they wanted to bring it back.” Thundervision is about making videos to promote Westlake. It offers “a lot of outside opportunities like Utah Film Festival and skill components,” says Aleece Christensen, a member of Thundervision.


It also offers experience to get hands on experience, nice camera equipment, and to go to competitions, says Mr. Pickett. His responsibilities are to help manage expectations, stay patient, and encourage students. Christensen’s role is managing the social media platform where she posts events, upcoming videos, and club promotions. She joined Thundervision for her love for media, expand her knowledge with videography, and to express herself through video. If you have any of those feelings and ambitions, join Thundervision.

To students like Christensen, Thundervision is “where we can express our talents through videography. It takes a lot of teamwork and commitment to execute projects.” It’s always highlighting the school. Westlake Thundervision is always coming up with new ideas to promote Westlake and show off our students talents.