The Reason Behind WHS Choir


I’ve met a lot of people who are part of choir and every single one of them love it. I’m not quite sure the reasoning behind this,  but it does show that something must be good about choir if most people enjoy it.

From what I’ve found out, it is a great environment that helps everyone feel wanted and cared about while they get to do what they love.

Choir has multiple groups : Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, Acapella, and Madrigals. Tryouts for each one of these groups is open for anyone. However, some are harder, more difficult, and more strict than the others.

The top group is Madrigals. This requires a one on one audition with the teacher along with a few other factors which helps her to differentiate between the good and bad singers. Those who don’t make it can always join one of the other groups though.

All of the groups are fun to join. They all practice singing and get their own songs to sing and perform to audiences. Sometimes, the groups will combine together to perform a few songs which are always a fun twist. The performances are always worth your time to attend and listen to.

The best part of choir, according to the members, are the trips they go on each year. They go to several competitions out of state and it’s always so fun for the students, because they get to socialize with each other and go on a fun vacation. They also have the amazing opportunity to compete against other school groups to try and show who’s best.

Choir is so enjoyable because it helps you to find some great friends who you will get to know very well, and you get to sing which make you feel a part of something bigger. You see the great, amazing things that you can accomplish through a team and depending on others. It is also just one amazing big family.