HOSA: The Future of Healthcare is at Westlake


Westlake High School has many clubs that cater to different interests and hobbies that anyone can enjoy  and use to decorate their college applications. For those who are interested in healthcare, there is a befitting club for them to find themselves; HOSA is a club that is filled to the brim with potential medical leaders and learners. Everyone within the organization has a shared interest in being a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, and the like. It is a place where these growing individuals can learn and grow together.

HOSA is led by Kristin Adams, who teaches Sports Medicine and Medical Anatomy, along with Trevor Whiting, a Health Science teacher. The purpose of HOSA is to help educate the club’s members and to serve the community. By participating in service activities throughout the year, HOSA hopes to compete in the state competition.

When asked about the specific activities done within the organization, Chandra Ottosen, a HOSA member, explained how there are a variety of HOSA meetings to expect. These meetings can range from service activities, planning parties, and info-packed medical presentations given by professionals from the field. Ottosen added that the last presentation they received involved a professional that uses X-rays in their line of work, and recalled that it was very informative and exciting for all of the members.

“It is nice to have a history of liking Healthcare on your transcripts,” said Ottosen about why the club is useful for those interested in medicine. “Colleges like to see that you have been wanting this for a long time, and not just for a moment.”

However, Ottosen didn’t only join HOSA for its looks, she actually wants Healthcare to be a big part of her future. She said that HOSA is a great place for those who want to learn more about the medical world, and it would be worth your time if you took the opportunity to discover HOSA for yourself.