How to get over a break up


Okay so it happened: your significant other broke up with you. Your life may feel like it is over,: not knowing what to do now that he/she has left you broken your heart. Not knowing if you will ever be happy again. Not knowing how to get over the empty feeling of them being gone. Not knowing what is going to happen. Whether the relationship lasted a few weeks or a few years. . Here are five ways to get over a breakup and how it can bring you out of the broken hearted rut that we call life.

  1.    You CRY.  When asking people how they got over their broken heart the majority said that crying until they realized they couldn’t remember why they were crying.  “I cried then I decided that it wasn’t worth crying about so I focused on what made me happy, I also started listening to happier music” said. Crying could be that emotional let go that is needed, once that barrier is broken down. Research shows that crying releases toxins and relieves stress. Tears contain a number of hormones crying lets those hormones go. Says Medical news today. Life can restart, have a ten minute pity party than start living again. 
  2.   Change of STYLE. A good change every once in a while is never frowned upon . Whether it’s a change of clothing or a more drastic change like dying hair. A complete turn around can be what pushes one to move on from their past love affairs and send them forward to finding a new one.  It’s the change on the outside that is reflecting the change on the inside. Changing our style is a way of trying to find who we are and testing out the new person that was left behind. 
  3.   Eat SWEETS.  Pigging out every once in a while is not a bad thing especially after someone trampled on your heart.  Eat ice cream, nachos, anything that tickles your fancy. An indirect quote from states that she cried till her sister reminded her that she had chocolate in the fridge so she felt better about losing her boyfriend. If sweets aren’t the things that sounds appetizing than sweet fruits like strawberries, or blueberries. Anything that’s sweet and can get your mind off of the pain. 
  4. Create an EX FREE ZONE. After  they left they should not be allowed back in to hurt you again. Block them on all social media’s, Snapchat, instagram, all of them. Delete their number from your contacts so they can’t reach you. Delete pictures off your phone so you don’t have the constant reminder of what you “lost.” This step can be the most painful for the sole fact that most will think getting back together may happen. DO NOT GET BACK TOGETHER. That will eliminate all the work that has already happened if you crawl back to them.  So delete them out of your life. 
  5.  Go out with FRIENDS. This is the most important step to getting over your ex. Don’t lock yourself away and avoid social contact. That will just make it harder to get over your broken heart. . Go and do stupid things with your best friends. Have a sleepover with your best friend and sing karaoke while pigging out on your favorite foods. Take a night, with your closest friends go dancing.  See if there are any new people there that could help you move on. Your friends are the people that will help you the most to get over heartbreak. Whether by brute force or by loving you they will help.

“Go dancing and have a sleepover with your bestie whilst eating ice cream and avoiding them at all costs” a source  talked about how she will get over them and than annoy them until they’re friends again. Another source stated “Oh umm, I don’t know. I usually just  forget about them and find something to occupy myself.” he went on to say that it takes him a few days to get over his ex’s. Everyone gets over breakups differently, it takes time and lots of ice cream. Talk to those you trust, cry, eat as much junk food imaginable, but don’t stay hung on them forever.  Eventually you will be able to get over your broken heart and achieve happiness in the end.