I am Enough. You are Enough. We are Enough. -Kaitlyn Hardy


I am Enough. You are Enough. We are Enough.

“Something will grow from all of the things you are going through, and it will be you.”

Have you ever asked yourself why we focus solely on negative aspects of our lives? I had a teacher who started having her classes write “I Am Enough” statements somewhere in our notebooks so that no matter what, at least once throughout our days, we could say that we were enough at something. Well, why can’t we tell ourselves those things everyday? In a world where we are constantly dragged down and burdened, we as human beings seem to focus only on the things that are toxic and depressing. Well, that’s partially because our brains are weird organs and tend to let us focus in on something we selectively and specifically wanted to. Unfortunately, that sometimes means the negativity throughout our lives.

As human tendency, it is easier to think about all of the things that are going horribly than it is to say “wow, look at the improvements I’ve made.” Well I’m here to tell you that those negative mindsets should change! Why do we have to give in to our mental blocks? Why do we have to let our brains take over how we think and feel? The brain is one of the most powerful parts to you! It’s not doing any good if you let it tell you that you aren’t worth anything. Conquering your mindset is a big part of developing who you are, and want to be-trust me on that.

Do not let your mind bully your body. Because we all do it. All the time. It’s probably such a habit to let your mind run you, and everything about you. If you find yourself in tough situations and automatically start thinking to yourself that you can’t do this, that you won’t be able to make it out of this, that you’re stuck in this sad cloud, you are letting your mind bully your body. You believe what you tell yourself! It takes 21 days to start a new habit. I bet a dollar you’re way past 21 days of telling yourself that you can’t, and that you are not enough. If you’re nodding your head to this bet, you owe me a dollar.

When you tell yourself that you can NOT do something after enough time, you will begin to 100% believe it; especially if you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t, & can’t be enough. If you ask me, the word “can’t” should really just be removed from the dictionary and everybody’s vocabulary. It is 4 letters and it is the strongest negative word you can tell yourself. STOP IT. Stop dragging yourself down so much more than is necessary. Young adults already deal with so much, especially in high school. There are already so many expectations that have to be upheld by parents, teachers, the school system, friends, relationships, so on and so forth. But what about your personal expectations you want to hold yourself to? You are your own person. You may live under somebody else’s roof for now, but you are your own. In life the only thing you need to control-is you. You control your mind. It does not control you, (crazy concept I know). One of my favorite self care books, Bawse, written by Lilly Singh, says “once you’ve discovered the ins and outs of your mind, you have the cheat codes to your game of life.”

Emotions can cloud your judgement and sometimes you have to block out distracting emotions in order to continue letting positivity flow through you. Take steps back. Recognize important mindsets and feelings you should have or want to have. You have your own heart, mind, soul, and body. Why damage it? Why damage  such a beautiful and priceless thing?

Melissa Camara Wilkins, a large public figure, award-winning blogger and host of an online community has been focused on exploring what it means to live true. Meaning more truly yourself, more truly awake, and more truly alive. She has helped thousands of people get back in touch with their best selves through her online courses, and led thousands more discover who they are meant to be with her books and workshops.

She says, “you are enough” does not mean that you have been measured and considered and judged, and that you have finally earned the label of “enough.” It doesn’t mean that you’ve worked long enough, tried hard enough, presented well enough. It’s simply who you are. The you that you are is enough. You don’t have to be more, or do more, or buy more to be who you are meant to be.”

That’s what I mean when I say you are enough. You are enough does not mean that you are a final product. You’re not. You are not complete and finished. You are not all done growing and changing and learning things forevermore.You are enough does not mean that you are all-powerful and perfect, either.

Melissa puts it some great perspective:

You are enough does not mean that you are everything.

“The pursuit of enough flies in the face of the pursuit of everything. Having a good grasp on “enough” means you don’t have to get everything, and you certainly don’t have to be everything. You are enough does not mean that you have to be self-sufficient. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need anyone or anything else. It means you understand how much you do need, how small you are in this great grand universe — and that you don’t have to be even one inch bigger than that. You are enough absolutely does not mean that you never need help. When you know you are enough, it’s easier to ask for help. It’s easier to admit your weaknesses. You know that your imperfections and your difficulties don’t reflect on your worth, because you are already enough, just as you are.”

You have to know that you are enough and worth it, through everything. Through the good and bad, thick and thin you go through. Once you believe that you are in fact GOOD enough, nobody can steal that from you. It is yours. It becomes a value, a moral. It becomes something that is yours. It makes you strong, and nobody can knock down something that is strong.

You are enough does not mean that you are flawless, or that you never make mistakes.

“You know that you make mistakes. You know that I make mistakes. I make mistakes every single day. I am aware of my flaws before I even roll out of bed. Every day. That doesn’t mean that my flaws are the truest, most important thing about me, it just means that I acknowledge them. I see them there. They exist. (Hi, flaws! YOU’RE MINE.) If “being enough” means “being perfect,” then you are enough is just another reason to hide your true self. You hear that kind of “you are enough,” and you think: well! I know I’m not perfect, so either I’m not enough, or I have to hide who I really am.”

You are the only one who can limit your greatness. You don’t need anybody’s validation or approval to be enough. Maybe to feel enough, but being and feeling are different things! Feeling is something temporary, since we feel so many things everyday. But being is something permanent. Knowing you ARE enough is something nobody can just tell you you’re not. Because being something is knowing that you are that something. And who you are-is e n o u g h.

You are enough means that you were made to be you, as you are, on purpose.

You are enough means you can grow and change and continue to become, because you aren’t trying to prove yourself.”

You don’t have to keep pushing yourself so far till you break. Just trying to learn to be yourself is plenty work. I know it is, because it’s so hard! It’s so hard to be comfortable in your own skin; but you deserve to be. There are things you might want to be more OF. More open, more honest. More true, more authentic. More free. More connected. More intentional,  more purposeful. But that doesn’t mean you have to be more to prove yourself. Those things are already all expressions of your enough-ness. They aren’t about changing yourself, they’re about being yourself. You have been enough before, you are enough now, and you will continue to be enough as you become more of who you were made to be. And believing that, when the world keeps whispering otherwise, is brave.

Your 21-Day-Challenge:

Be kinder to yourself. Tell yourself you are enough more often than you do. Be specific. Tell yourself that even after you failed a test, you did your best and can come back from a failing grade. Tell yourself that you are enough, in all things. 21 days to change your mindset. 21 days to change your confidence levels. 21 days to be happier and more comfortable in uncomfortable situations. It takes 21 days to start a new habit. Make the habit to lift yourself up more than you plummet yourself to the ground. It’s better to be a bird in the clouds than a worm on the ground because in the end, the worm gets eaten. Don’t do that to yourself. Be the thing that eats the worms and keeps soaring. Know who you are-and know it’s enough. Your worth is priceless. Always. It is incalculable. Your worth and your value can never be diminished, it does not ever change. Optimism is confidence. And confidence is knowing that you are enough.

You are enough. I am enough. We are enough. (Now that’s a concept I can get on board with).

You really are good enough. You really are pretty enough. You really are strong enough.


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