“Leaf” No One Behind: Westlake Lettuce Club

The Club that includes everyone at Westlake High School


Loneliness is something that a lot of high school students deal with every day. This can lead to stress, depression, and possibly suicide, but all it takes is one friend to help. That’s what the Westlake Lettuce Club aims to do.

Founded by Tanner Paepke and Caleb Randall, the Lettuce Club is an open-to-all club where anyone can join in on the fun. The Lettuce Club will send out a message to all members and they will meet at the location of the activity. Though no activities have occurred yet, the Lettuce Club is working on getting things started soon.

I was granted the opportunity to speak with one of Westlake’s own counselors and head of the Lettuce Club, Mrs. Davis. She actually seemed skeptical to be put in charge of the Lettuce Club at first, but then found out that she didn’t really need to do that much. “Tanner is very passionate about this club, so I was here just for the District Confirmation,” said Davis when I asked her about her role. “At first I wasn’t sure about the Lettuce Club, but when I figured out what it was, I was totally all for it.” When two senior boys get around 100 signatures for a club that’s new to the school, counselors and staff alike would seem a little on edge. But the club is actually promoting school unity, with clever wordplay in the name. “So the Lettuce in the name comes from let-us be friends, I thought that was cool,” Davis recalled. It’s still not too late to sign up for the club as well. The cost is $10, and this includes entry into the Lettuce Club and a club t-shirt. You can pay the fee in the Finance Office.