Student Council


Blue letterman jackets and bright smiles are an easy way to signify the revered spot of a student council member. 32 members make up this organization, representing 1% of the entire student body at Westlake, but their enthusiasm and rigor for school spirit often make them appear larger than they seem. Mckenna Foster, a junior on the Assemblies committee, was very passionate when talking about her reasons of why she loves student council.

“I can’t even explain why I love it. There’s just a sense of pride and love I feel for Westlake when I get to help with  events, or do behind the scenes. Westlake is my home now and I love my home.”

When Mckenna says that Westlake is her home, she means it figuratively and literally. Student Council members are required to attend a certain amount of school activities every week from wrestling tournaments to dance concerts. Not to mention the amount of service they put forth, especially during the month of December when the Christmas Jars fundraiser is in full swing. They’re to school early and home even later. Some days, they don’t even get away from Westlake until late in the night.

But despite these sacrifices, every single member feels a sense of belonging and self improvement with Westlake and their fellow council.

“I find myself being more positive and has deepened my love for service. It has also helped improve my work ethic because I have properly learned how to handle planning large events.”

This is only Kenna’s first year as a Westlake Student Council member, but you could never tell the difference because she meshes with the rest of the council and takes charge in the most responsible way. She encourages anyone interested in trying for Student Council in later years by saying,  “Full send!! Studco [a nickname to this club] is often referred to as a “clique”, but from the way I see it, we are just one big family that loves to spend time together. If you try out for student council and you don’t make it, there’s nothing wrong with you. There are so many other things to get involved in.”

There is lots of love to be had in the Westlake Student Council. If it appeals to you, any student council member would be more than happy to answer any questions or give advice on how to make it. They’re all just that cool.