Westlake’s Not So Famous CIA


As 15-18 year olds, we are preparing to become the world. That’s right! All those seemingly useless dates for our myriad of social studies classes, Spanish verb conjugations (only the Spaniards use the vosotros conjugation anyway), and that one teacher with the really annoying voice that we’ve all had, will someday be useful! But, only if we go out and do something with everything we’ve learned from Westlake. It is our responsibility to become as amazing as we possibly can be, to go and make a difference in the world. I know what you’re thinking right now, because I’ve been there. Well, great, Kalli, so all I’m doing right now is memorizing dates, pretending to be a Spaniard, and trying to stay awake in Mr. What’s-His-Bucket’s class? That’s a happy thought. There’s actually a solution to the whole ‘What difference can I possibly make now?’ dilemma.

Westlake has a new club this year, unofficially known as the Current Issues Association (I wanted us to be the CIA). It’s a club for teenagers who want to do good for their community by doing service projects, and they hope eventually for our country. Right now the CIA is looking for businesses to sponsor them so they can afford travel and supply costs for their service projects, and students to come and carry out those projects.

What has the CIA done so far? On Friday, Nov. 3rd, they visited the new assisted living center in Lehi (the one with the tiny parking lot and next to the gas station—the poor guys!) and listened to some awesome stories and learned about what life was like during WWII and the Korean War. They made a poster, wrote letters, and brought cookies to them on Veterans’ Day to thank them for all of their service.

They would also like to do something where they are able to see the affects they’re having in their service, like talking to homeless people in Salt Lake: learning what they really need and hearing their stories, and they’d like to go serve in a soup kitchen.

For those of you who are experiencing the Little Mermaid syndrome, and you, “want [to do] more,” than put your heart and soul into passing high school and working your way up the chain at your job at McDonalds, talk to Mr. Morris (H807) and start changing the world for the better! They would love to have you there! How cool would it be to say you’re part of the CIA?