WHS Girls Football Club; See What it’s all About


Westlake High School’s first ever Girls Football Club has finally been created! The club had their first meeting over November 2nd, 2018. The club is led by Hope Brenner and her two friends, Ginger M. and Jessica C., along with Coach Clark who is the adviser over them.

The WHS Girls Football Club was created to teach girls about the sport of football, as well as to promote more to join the local Girls Football League. Not only that, but the club also proves to the district that girls are also passionate about playing football, and would like more opportunities to do so.

The girls meet on Fridays, twice a month, in Westlake High Schools weight room. There is no fee to join the club which is a HUGE Bonus! At the meetings, it is Hope’s job to educate the girls about football and to team build. This helps the girls get to know one another and stay involved. Coach Garry Clark provides a place for the girls to meet and makes sure that the club is in line with school rules. Other than that, the club is ran entirely by the girls.

WHS Girls Football club invites girls of all size, color, skills, and passions to join. Coach Clark says, “I like what they are doing and there is a lot of diversity. It’s neat to see girls from all different backgrounds.”

Even if you have never touched a football in your life, come learn what WHS Girls Football Club is all about. Not only will it give you a new skill and something to put on college applications, it will make football games more enjoyable and fun to watch under the Friday night lights, once you know what you are actually cheering for. It will also give you more opportunities to play the sport yourself if you so desire. Coach Clark would like all who are interested in joining to know, “If you want to find out anything else about the club, ask me or Hope (Brenner).”

Currently there are 26 girls involved in the club, but they are always welcoming more. Everyone has a unique quality to add to the club. If you are interested in learning more about football or getting a chance to play, feel free to check it out. Football is an incredible sport that strengthens you both physically and mentally, as well as gives you a new team to grow close with. Like Hope Brenner said, “Football is awesome, girls can do it too.”