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D&R Radio 1st Podcast!!!-Dec. 4th 2017

S1 Ep1

What would you do to take over the world? At D&R Radio, we have our own ideas.

S1 Ep2

Hopefully your prom was as good as ours… Listen to us talk about how our’s went! D&R #3 Baby!!!

S1 Ep3

Another week of stories and opinions and we set our opinion on videogame knockoffs

S1 Ep4

Today we welcome back our friend Kennedy who left us for quite some time now and talk about our fun spring breaks!!!

S1 Ep5

Weekend talks with Arma 3! Guest “Star” Thomas joins us today to talk about our incredibly productive weekends!

S1 Ep6

Robby unfortunatley could not participate in the first episode of the year. Instead we had our very own Thomas Bartell

Replace him for the day

S2 E1

A very long discussion about what hobbies your friends Darryan And Robby like to involve themselves in and what hobbies they would like to try out.

S2 E2